Sam, Nia, Pregnancy Announcement


We might be witnessing history, folks!

Usually it's the woman who surprises the man with the happy news that they are expecting a child, because of you know…anatomy and science and stuff. And we thought we had seen every single type of pregnancy reveal on the Internet, from touching to funny and downright ridiculous. But this is definitely the first time we've seen the husband break the baby news to his wife.

YouTube vloggers Sam and Nia posted an adorable video that featured Sam pulling off the impossible: finding out that Nia was pregnant before she did. How did he do it? By stealing her urine. And you thought pee-stealing only ended in jail time! Sometimes it can have a happy ending!

Basically, Sam knew his wife's bathroom schedule very well (that sounds weird but it's actually kind of sweet) and he was able to procure her urine and take a pregnancy test. And when it came out positive, he was able to surprise her and the moment is so sweet it will make you wish that your spouse will think to steal your pee one day.

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