Daniel Jorgensen


A former Owl City musician has just been charged with criminal sexual contact and attempting to lure a 14-year-old girl to his hotel room, E! News can confirm.

Daniel Jorgensen, 30, was indicted yesterday by a grand jury in New Jersey for the event that took place in Atlantic City back in 2013.

The prosecutor in the case released a press release today claims that Jorgensen committed criminal sexual contact on the beach, and then tried to lure the teenage girl back to his hotel room as well as the band's tour bus to have sex.

The release also claims that Jorgensen made contact with the teen on the internet and cellphone prior to meeting her in person, and he encouraged her to visit him during his Atlantic City tour stop.

Jorgensen's bail was set at $100,000. His second-degree attempted luring charge carries a possible penalty of five to ten years in prison. The other charge, which is a fourth-degree crime, carries a potential penalty of 18 months.

According to reports, a spokesperson for the band said that Jorgensen was fired from Owl City immediately after the allegations against him first surfaced in 2013.

The one-man band so far as not made any public comment regarding this week's court decision. Owl City's manager, Steve Bursky, did say in an email correspondence on the Owl City community forum that Jorgensen was a hired musician solely for the tour, and not a full-fledged member of Adam Young's music project.

Bursky also expressed his shock about the allegations in the post, adding that his termination was ''both necessary and appropriate given the allegations.''

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