ESC, InstaBeauty Contouring

In our Insta-Beauty series, we bring you makeup looks inspired by our favorite, summer-worthy photo filters. It's picture perfection…all day long.

The contour craze of 2014 may be coming to a close, but there are still devoted fans out there, especially among the celeb set.

But in these dog days of summer, is this makeup look (popularized by the likes of Kim Kardashian and Demi Lovato) too much? Absolutely not, according to celeb makeup artist Karen Gonzalez. The expert stopped by E! studios to show us her spin on one of Hollywood's favorite makeup tricks.

"It's a summer look, and we don't want to wear heavy cream contours," said the beauty pro. "We still want to apply concealer and foundation, but we want to look really luminous and radiant."

ESC, InstaBeauty Contouring

Kailey Strachan for E! Online

The trick is to prep the skin, keep it hydrated and settle with a subtle contour (read: no Tony the Tiger stripes!). 

"I actually recommend contouring with powder rather than creams," advised Karen. "Creams can be so intimidating and messy, but this is much easier to work with and you get a more natural finish."

Surprisingly, the steps leading up until the eyes should take less than 10 minutes total, reassured the makeup maven.

To take the look from day to night, Karen used dark, shimmery shadow and dark liner but opted for a natural nude on the lips. There's no need to over-saturate that photo, err, face!

Keep clicking for the full tutorial!

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