Kendall Jenner, Street Style


Kendall Jenner feels exactly the same way about this belt as Jennifer Lopez does about the naked dress—that is to say, she's pretty freakin' obsessed.

And who can blame her? The 19-year-old's B-Low the Belt "Bri Bri" waist-cincher puts a western twist on a classic shape, creating a supermodel-worthy accessory. Which we obviously knew already, seeing as said supermodel just can't seem to take it off. After conducting a quick count, we've spotted Kendall sporting this sleek accessory on at least six (read: six!) separate occasions thus far.

We first spied the black and gold accessory on Kendall back in April, when the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star turned the Coachella fairgrounds into her own personal runway show. Incorporating the belt with a double-slit maxi skirt, white crop top and gold body chains, Kendall blended the rustic strap seamlessly into her go-to bohemian style.

Since then, the Estée Lauder darling has repurposed her waist belt to work with several pairs of skinny jeans (plus one shirt-dress, which may have actually been the belt's baby version). It's not always the main attraction of her outfits—ahem, those décolletage baring blouses—but it always makes the same chic impression.

It would seem that Kendall's style fans have caught wind of her latest belt obsession, seeing as the number is only available in one size, and is backordered at that. But if the forces of popular demand hold true—with Kendall as the belt's ambassador, we think they must—the belt will be back on the market in no time. 

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