E! fans, meet Michael Kosta!

Kosta is the hilarious host of E!'s newest series The Comment Section, a show that dissects how viewers and Internet commenters react to the week's biggest news stories.

In the exclusive video clip, The Soup host Joel McHale introduces his pal to viewers. "Michael is a very good host as you will see," McHale says. "Why? I don't know. God gave him the power of hosting. He plays tennis. That has nothing really to do with hosting unless you're John McEnroe."

Michael Kosta, Joel McHale


Kosta adds, "What have I learned from Joel? When delivering a punch line it's good to kind of go like this a little bit." Kosta then mimics McHale's signature bounce.

But that's not all Kosta has to share. Watch the whole clip to get better acquainted with the newest member of the E! family!

Tune in to the premiere of The Comment Section this Sunday at 11:30 p.m., only on E!

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