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Another one bites the dust! But this time, no one is surprised.

Adding to a string of recent celebrity breakups, One Direction's Zayn Malik has called off his engagement to singer Perrie Edwards. Normally when something this groundbreaking happens to a 1D member (former or not), the fan base goes off. (See Louis Tomlinson's unborn baby for proof).This time around the reaction is just as widespread, but the sentiment is what we thought it would be. At all.

In fact, we're hard-pressed to even call it sentiment. It seems that 1D fans aren't exactly shocked by this news, and might even be (gasp!) happy that Zayn and Perrie are no more. We expected to log on to Twitter to all sorts of mournful messages and people sending their best to the newly single pop star, but what we found instead was a whole lot of We Told You So's. Oh, and a few offers to be Perrie's replacement, naturally.

Of course, there were a few emotions to be found. It wasn't so much sadness, but more a general feeling of being overwhelmed, what with all the One Direction life changes the fandom is dealing with right now.

Then there were the conspiracy theorists—fans who believe this breakup was a carefully-crafted ploy to gather publicity. After all, when your former band member is having an unplanned baby with a girl he barely knows, you've got to do something drastic to get the attention back. Especially when you've got a solo album coming down the pipeline.

And finally, a lot of fans are just cracking up over The Tattoo. Ohhhh the tattoo. There's never a great time to have someone else's face all over your arm, but it's especially bad when you never want to see that person again. If anybody has a referral for a great tattoo removal specialist, we're sure Zayn would be glad to have it. 

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