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Superman's younger/older cousin, meet Lois Lane's younger sister!

E! News has confirmed that Supergirl has tapped Jenna Dewan Tatumto play Lucy Lane. The younger Lane is apparently just as "brash, funny, and beautiful" as her big sister, but she's also "strong, smart, and successful" all on her own. She has a history with Jimmy Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) and she comes to town to right a previous wrong. 

If that "history" is romantic, like it is in the comics, then we totally get it. Supergirl's Jimmy Olsen is one hot photographer who will probably win your heart by the end of the pilot, if he hasn't got it already.

In the pilot, Jimmy and Kara (Melissa Benoist) seem to be striking up a bit of at least a friendship, so there could be some competition (or preferably awesome lady bonding) over the photog's affections. 

Mehcad Brooks, Jenna Dewan-Tatum

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Supergirl tells the story of Superman's cousin, Kara, who happens to also have superhuman powers, but she's been hiding them ever since she arrived on earth twelve years ago after escaping Krypton. Now, she has finally decided that it's her time to shine, and she gets enlisted by a super-secret agency to help protect the world against sinister threats. 

While Lois Lane and Clark Kent/Superman seem to be a bit too busy to make appearances in this new CBS show, Lucy is also a fairly substantial character from the DC comics, aside from just being Lois' younger sister. She's the most recent character to take on the identity of Superwoman, which is a distant future we would not say no to seeing for Dewan-Tatum. 

The actress (and incredibly cool wife of the equally cool Channing Tatum) most recently starred in The Witches of East End, and also appeared in American Horror Story: Asylum and The Playboy Club

Supergirl debuts Monday, October 26 on CBS. 

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