Stephen Colbert, we have missed you so. 

The premiere of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert is just over a month away, and now we finally have some promos! 

The spots are short and sweet, but so very Colbert-ish that they feel just right. 

One even includes an appearance from former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, because that was something that had apparently been missing from our lives. 

Colbert also pulls out a card trick or two, a backpack, and the trapper keeper that all the kids will be clamoring for this back-to-school season. Watch the promos above and below! 

These promos aren't the first bits of promotion the show has released so far. 

Not only did Colbert release a video ruining both hot dogs and beards, but he also starred in a web series designed to be watched during lunch at work, and it turns out his lunches are just as weird as you might expect them to be. 

Hopefully, his show is exactly as weird as we expect it to be, and we're expecting pretty darn weird just based on the evidence so far. 

If you need us, we'll just be over here, counting down the days to Sept. 8, when the show debuts on CBS. 

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