Wilmer Flores

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Sometimes, there is crying in baseball.

New York Mets shortstop Wilmer Flores was seen getting emotional and tearful in the eighth inning of the team's home game against the San Diego Padres at Citi Field on Wednesday. A rumor about a pending trade deal, spread by social media, was flying about: It stated that he and 30-year-old starting pitcher Zack Wheeler were set to be traded for Milwaukee Brewers center fielder Carlos Gomez, 29. The trade deadline is on Friday.

This never happened. The Mets' general manager, Sandy Alderson, said later that day that there was no trade. Brewers manager Craig Counsell had told Gomez about the trade deal, which was pending medical approval, MLB.com reported, adding that a source confirmed on Thursday that the New York team nixed the deal due to concern over Gomez's right hip.

"During the game I heard...that I was getting traded,"  Flores told reporters. "I got emotional and when I came in, they told me there was no trade. I was sad, being a Mets forever...that's why I got emotional. I heard from the fans there was this rumor that I was going to get traded. When I came up to hit, I heard everybody cheering. It was difficult."

Many fans were stunned to see Flores still playing in the game right after the rumor hit social media. Players informed about their own trades are usually pulled from games due to concerns of possible field injuries that could derail the deal. Flores received a standing ovation at the game, which the Padres won 7-3.

"Unfortunately, social media, et cetera got ahead of the facts," Alderson said. "And it may have had an adverse effect on one of the players rumored to be involved. It was an unfortunate situation—it was something that we've addressed, I've addressed personally with the player involved. It's one of those things that happens today and with modern communications, et cetera, so it's an unfortunate situation but whatever has been speculated over the course of the evening has not and will not transpire."

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