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It looks like it might be safe to say that Jon Stewart is running out of ideas for The Daily Show. Either that or he's really ready for this thing to be over.

But really, we kid. It turns out that the late-night host and his staff have actually joked about the idea of doing a segment with no actual words or dialogue for quite some time. Last night, they made that pipe dream come true. Stewart explained the long-running gag to the audience before launching into what he calls "Democalypse 2016: Urrrrgggghhhhhhhh." And what a fitting title it was.

Jon really stuck to his convictions during the segment, refraining from speaking a single word. Instead he used a whole lot of animated faces and sounds that can only be described as caveman-esque. And fittingly, it was genius.

He started off with the newly UN-approved Iranian deal, giving it a positive shake of the head and "Ooohhh." He then tackled Mike Huckabee's recent offensive statements with nothing but a wide-eyed, open-mouthed guffaw. He continued his silent tirade against the Republican candidate with a series of Charade-style moves like fake punches and a beating heart. Maybe you had to be there, but trust us when we say it's funny.

Oh and let's not forget his silent Beyoncé impression. Is that what you call a twerk, Mr. Stewart?

See for yourself below, and let's all hope we get more of these wacky skits as time winds down.

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