A truly cruel but beautiful monster created this video. We're not sure whether to be impressed or pissed off, because while the video is a lovely ode to the Harry Potter franchise it also made us feel things deep in our heart. And you know how we feel about genuine human emotions! Gross.

YouTube user theredsoxfan18 put together a Harry Potter montage that plays alongside Wiz Khalifa's "See You Again," and it's basically two minutes of getting punched in the gut with feelings. The second the music starts and you hear Dumbledore urging Harry to not pity the dead, you're already in trouble. And that's just the first few seconds! Good luck not sobbing once you get to the Snape and Lily stuff.

On the bright side, this video just reminded us we are long overdue for a Harry Potter marathon. So, we know what we're doing this weekend! 

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