Jessa Duggar, Instagram


Jessa Seewald is heading into her third trimester in stride.

The TLC reality star showed off her growing baby bump on Instagram late last night, keeping up with her tradition of tracking her pregnancy on social media for all of her fans to see.

"Baby Seewald at 25 weeks 4 days! Just a little over 14 weeks to go," she wrote as the caption to the cute pregnancy pic.

"Counting down the days with @Ben_Seewald!"

The photo shows Jessa holding her baby bump while wearing a white T-shirt and jeans in what appears to be the baby's nursery.

Earlier this month, she posted a similar picture of herself and continued to document her pregnancy on Instagram for 19 Kids and Counting devotees.

At the time, Jessa also included an ultrasound Video of her baby with husband Ben Seewald, set to Andrew Peterson's 2010 "song" "World Traveler."

"#BabySeewald is growing fast!" she wrote. "Already practicing swallowing, sucking a thumb, and actively moving arms and legs! So excited at the feeling of these first baby kicks!"

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