Cacee Cobb


Donald Faison, who we all remember as Dr. Chris Turk on Scrubs, did some thorough examination of his wife CaCee Cobb's breasts...and took a picture for the records!

It's a great shot capturing the beauty of Cobb's chest and ample cleavage.

The couple recently had a daughter Wilder Frances, and aside from welcoming a new life into the world and their family, Donald's favorite aspect of the birth is its physiological effect. "Blu Jam and my wife's new titties!! Breastfeeding is a wonderful thing!!" the actor captioned the pic. LOL!

One fan agreed, "That's the only thing I liked about breastfeeding, lol."

Wilder Francis, who is just shy of three months old, is the couple's second child, and Faison's sixth (the other hail from a previous marriage.)

If they're comfortable enough together to put a boob pic on Instagram, then this relationship is way different than the squabbling tumultuous one Donald had in the movie Clueless with co-star Stacey Dash

Check out the pic!

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