Things are about to get crazy on Total Divas tomorrow. 

In the above sneak peek, Eva Marie and Nikki Bella sit down to finally hash things out amidst the drama happening surrounding Eva's career.

Eva admits that she wants to clear the air with Nikki because, "she is the leader of the locker room, she sets the tone." As Nikki explains her side, Eva interrupts and says, "I think everybody should respect each other enough to be adults and just talk to each other one-on-one." 


Nikki Bella, Total Divas

"I thought we were cool, I like you a lot," a confused Nikki admits during the heated discussion. She then gets angrier saying, "You're 100% making yourself a victim." 

Nikki goes on to tell Eva that her and the other divas don't even consider her to be in the same league as them. "At the end of the day...we're not worried about you."  

See the above sneak peek to watch the drama unfold...

Tune into a new episodes of Total Divas tomorrow at 9/8c only on E! 

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