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Leave it to Abbi Jacobson, co-creator and star of Broad City, to sum up the show's Emmy snub perfectly. And we mean perfectly.

Jacobson, who created the Comedy Central show along with fellow star Ilana Glazer, took to Twitter after the show was shut out of every category. And just in case you're wondering, Broad City is a great show that deserves some love, so yeah, we're with you Abbi. Do they give Emmys for best snub reaction? If not, well, let's reevaluate.

"Who do you have to peg in this town??!" she tweeted. WHO INDEED, ABBI. WHO. INDEED.

If you are unaware of what pegging is, well, we'll let this video explain it.

Jacobson and Glazer did an Emmy interview with The Huffington Post in June and admitted it's more than a little weird to be campaigning.

"We're not just saying this, but we love those shows more. We know what goes into making them and making an audience feel that there's a world for them. It's even more of an honor," Glazer said when asked if they look at the shows they're up against and say 'f--k Julia Louis-Dreyfus, give us our Emmys.'

"I think anything that we would say involving 'f--k' and 'Julia Louis-Dreyfus' would go in a very different way," Jacobson said.

There's always next year. Broad City is back at work on season three and to that we say: YAS KWEEN.

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