Kendall Jenner Snapchat


We may have some closure in the case of Kendall Jenner's buzzworthy Snapchat video.

Remember when Kylie Jenner posted a questionable clip of her older sister in the car with her leg out the window, yelling about fixing something and cheering with her hands in the air? And remember how people started freaking out because it seemed like Kendall was behind the wheel when all of this was happening, and that's obviously not safe at all?

Well, it looks like Kendall wasn't driving after all (phew!). At least, that's what she seemed to insinuate in her recent tweet.

The 19-year-old supermodel took to Twitter to address the hubbub surrounding the short video, writing, "no hands and a leg out the window?! I know you guys think I am EXTREMELY talented but I'm not THAT talented people."

So Kendall wasn't driving. That's a relief.

Except that now leaves Kylie as the driver, which is still concerning since there were multiple videos taken during the ride (apparently IG flips the Snapchat videos, so that's why it looked like Kendall was in the driver's seat).

Of course, the girls could have had a personal driver, because, you know, they do that, too, but a closer look at the other videos from that day seems to prove otherwise.

Be safe, ladies!

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