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"From the studio that inexplicably sewed his f--king mouth shut the first time…"

And with that amazing intro video, Deadpool descended on Hall H. When the lights came up, Ryan Reynolds himself was onstage and the audience lost its mind.

"Looks like it's time to make the f--king chimichangas," Reynolds said after the applause died down. Deadpool's Hall H panel was one of the most anticipated of Comic-Con weekend, and the fans welcomed the cast with open arms.

But first, Ryan could not stop doing his movie trailer voice from the intro video.

"I do it all the time. It drives my wife nuts," he said when he finally stopped.

We're sure Blake Lively finds other ways to love you, sir.

When moderator Chris Hardwick got into asking questions, Ryan couldn't help but throw some major shade at his superhero flop, Green Lantern.

I've only done one full, proper—sorry, not proper, superhero movie," said Ryan, drawing shocked laughter from the fans.

Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Green Lantern

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He also made sure to make it known that he, too, was pissed that Deadpool's mouth was sewed shut in Wolverine.

"I wasn't even paid. They just promised me [they wouldn't sew my mouth shut]," Ryan said. "You have the guy who is doing his best to annoy the living s--t out of everyone around him 24/7."

Even the trailer shown during the panel had some jabs at Green Lantern.

"Just don't make the supersuit green," Wade begs. "Or animated!"

We obviously won't spoil much of the trailer here, but just know that fans expecting that rated R Deadpool film will be very, very happy. It's gory, it's raunchy and it's glorious.

"It's got everything you ever want," Ryan promised.

Based on the trailer, we would say that's very true.

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