Alessia Cara, Taylor Swift


Has Taylor Swift been upstaged?

Alessia Cara covered the 25-year-old singer's hit song "Bad Blood" for a YouTube video, and Taylor absolutely loves it. 

While the original has explosions, acrobatics and a ridiculous amount of A-list cameos, Cara opts for a more modest arrangement—just an acoustic guitar and a piano (oh, and a lot of snapping too). 

The YouTuber sings all of Taylor's verses perfectly and even adds her own spin by singing Kendrick Lamar's rap verses. 

Cara's smooth R&B voice gives the song a totally different feel that might even one-up the poppy original. 

Alessia does a lot of covers, including a great rendition of The Weeknd's "Can't Feel My Face", but that's not her only shtick. 

The 18-year-old has a great original single titled "Here" about feeling out of place at parties. 

She's young, just about the same age when Taylor started out, and this praise and publicity from a pro is just what this new talent needs to jumpstart what looks to be a promising career. 

Watch the video!

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