Hillary Clinton, Pinterest

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It's happened, everybody: Hillary Clinton has joined Pinterest. Which means it's officially okay for us to join Pinterest. If even the former Secretary of State and current front runner for the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee can't resist its addictive charm, then we shouldn't expect ourselves too, either.

As we've known from the many times we've secretly perused the site, Pinterest is good for one thing and one thing only: Improving your life. (Or, in the reverse, making you feel very bad for your lack of organizational/cooking/styling skills). There's no better place to learn new recipes or discover the way you should have been folding your shirts all along. And truth be told, there's no one we'd rather learn from than Hillary Clinton herself. 

In that vein, we decided to dig through her brand new Pinterest page to see what kind of tips and tricks we could pick up. And don't worry, there will be brunch.

1. For the best chocolate chip cookies, use vegetable shortening and vegetable oil. Hil's recipe is certainly not short on the fat, but when it comes to cookies the more the merrier.

2. The best place for stalking Hillary Clinton buying baby clothes is Area Kids in Brooklyn. Grandma C. shops there on the reg.

3. To start your day the Hillary way, make sure to always get the most important meal of the day in. And if that meal happens to be eggs and bacon in the shape of an "H," even better.

4. If you'd rather stay on the healthy track (like Bill!), go for a meal of sauteed sweet potatoes and red peppers

5. There's nothing wrong with shopping for your wedding dress the night before the ceremony.

6. Having trouble multi-tasking during your summer barbecues? Get a grill spatula with a bottle opener on the handle. You'll never wait for beer again.

7. Looking for some inspiration and motivation? Have a grandchild! Nothing spurs Hillary to speed up more than thinking about the world she's passing on to little Charlotte.

8. The best inspirational quotes come from Beyoncé.

9. The key to getting over a fight with a friend is...loving your country.

10. The best soundtrack for your next house party should include Jennifer LopezPharrell, and Sara Bareilles.

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