Katy Perry, Russell Brand

Kevin Mazur/WireImage.com

Did Katy Perry just diss ex-hubby Russell Brand?

During a recent speaking engagement, the 28-year-old singer briefly touched on her relationship and 2011 divorce to the 37-year-old comedian, likening it to a not-so-giant elephant in the room.

"It's a very tiny elephant," Perry reportedly said at last week's ASCAP "I Create Music" Expo held at Hollywood's Loews Hotel. "It's like a little tchotchke now."

And that's that.

Something Perry isn't brushing off is her next album, which she's been writing for with the help of Aussie songwriter Sia. "She makes me laugh more than any human," she said. "I can't do vocals because I fry my voice from laughing."

Perry added of the upcoming album, "What a schizophrenic record this next record's gonna be."

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