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Generally, we hate year-end stories. That is, we hate year-end stories that aren't about us. Year-end stories about Fashion Police, however, are always funnier and smarter and definitely sexier than anything else.

Need proof? Behold! In celebration of our final episode of 2012 we're giving you a video recap of just how glorious we were this year. Giuliana Rancic and Kelly Osbourne lip-synced their own version of "Call Me Maybe," for starters.

And while George Kotsiopoulos revealed a past life as a John Mayer look-alike, a certain sexy E! News correspondent gave Joan Rivers a lap dance to end all lap dances.

Plus we celebrated our 100th episode this season!

It's not over yet, folks, make sure to join us for a very special Fashion Police send-off of 2012 tonight at 10/9c only on E!

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