Beyonce, Love on Top


Haven't decided on your New Year's Eve outfit just yet? How about that glitzy gold tuxedo worn by Beyoncé? That's right, now you can get your hands on the fancy suit worn in the star's "Love on Top" music video and give back to charity at the same time!

The stylish songbird is auctioning off her glam two-piece ensemble by Douglas Hannant (that is, after the sleeves are sewn back on—a quick fix to remedy Bey ripping them off while dancing like the diva that she is in the vid!) and all proceeds will benefit New Yorkers for Children.

The auction will be held at New York's Park Avenue Garage this weekend and bidding starts at a mere $750—chump change considering the famous tux is valued at $5,600.

See? Glamour never felt so good.

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