Britney Spears, Simon Cowell

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It's Britney, bitch...performing live at The X Factor finale?

It would make sense: She does have a slammin' new single—"Scream & Shout," her insanely catchy hit collaboration with—to promote. And Brit's X Factor boss is making it clear he'd like to see the pop princess back onstage when the Fox singing competition wraps its second season on Dec. 20. "I would have her perform in a heartbeat," Simon Cowell told us Thursday night at a viewing party for the show sponsored by Sony X headphones. "But we'll have to see."

In other words, the ball's in your court, Brit-Brit! And it seems the reality-competition mentor may be ready to play. "Maybe," she said coyly when asked about the possibility of a finale performance. "We'll see."

What is immediately clear is that Spears is enjoying her new gig—and she's not looking forward to seeing the season end. "It's kind of sad," she said. "The year has gone by so fast, it's crazy."

After last night's elimination of Diamond White, Spears has one contestant left in the competition, the preternaturally gifted Carly Rose Sonenclar, who seems to hold a special place in her heart. "The way she's kind of shy and then gets onstage and it's this insane voice, she reminds me a lot of me when I was younger," Spears said. "Her personality, she's so cool. She just has this demeanor about her that she just really gets it. She understands the business, and that's what you also need, on top of being talented. I think that's her best quality."

A Britney finale performance definitely gets Sonenclar's vote. "That would be awesome," the 13-year-old singer told us. "Every time I watch her video now or see her onstage, I'm very proud of her. I've gotten really close with her."

Close enough that she'd like to see the two perform together on the finale, and she even has a particular Brit hit in mind: "Toxic," which she's eager to Carly-fy. "I think it'd be really great acoustic," Sonenclar said, "because the melody of that song is really great."

Tell us: Do you want to see Britney perform on the finale?  

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