Yes, admittedly, just telling someone you're not interested is probably the easiest—and classiest—way to get out of a bad date. But if we've learned anything from celebrities, it's that class is overrated.

Let's take a look at the lessons we've gleaned on how to get out of a bad date.

Lindsay Lohan


1. Get Drunk

Not, like, adorable flirty drunk. We're talking Lindsay Lohan level drunk. So wasted that you need to be carried to your car, driven home and rolled onto your side so that you don't die in your sleep. That'll scare the hell out of anyone.

Justin Bieber

2. Vomit

For whatever reason, if the intoxication angle doesn't play out—maybe they like to get drunk too?—then just take one for the team à la Justin Bieber and puke. Preferably on them. Or their meal. Or anywhere, really.

Taylor Swift

Brandon Todd / Splash News

3. Go Cat Lady Crazy

Personally, we love cats, but we're not on a date with you. And when you reveal that you just adore hairballs and are looking for someone to help you scoop soiled litter, whoever's sitting across from you will run. Like they're being chased by, well, a rabid cat.

Miley Cyrus Twit Pic

4. Shave Your Head in the Bathroom

Enough said.

Jessica Simpson


5. Borrow a Baby

Not necessarily Jessica Simpson's, but definitely a live baby. Claim that you "forgot" it in the car and "do that a lot." Yeah, if that doesn't work, then nothing else will.

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