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Dear ABC's The River, thank you for filling the hole that American Horror Story left. You scare the crap out of us every week.

Because we can't get enough of this thriller set on the Amazon, we talked to star Leslie Hope about real-life ghost stories on set, and what's in store for the remaining episodes...

When The River crew shot in an abandoned orphan hospital (yes, she says it was as scary as it sounds), it wasn't just the material on the script pages that put the crew on edge.

"Not only is the place dressed to be spooky for our show, but there were things left about from the real hospital like child-sized restraints and little solitary cells where the kids would be sent to be punished," Hope tells us. "And rumor has it that attached to the hospital is a graveyard for the kids that didn't live, and they said that the doctor of that place was apparently a notoriously bad guy, and was decapitated by the head nurses. This is all true and we were only in that hospital for four days and we had four people break bones, we had a security guard quit—like run off screaming in the middle of the night—and a few people said they saw ghosts there."

So, that's one set we won't be clamoring to visit. But what's great about The River is that it's not all about scaring our pants off.

"The further along you go, the more I think you find out about her relationship with Clark (Paul Blackthorne) and you discover more about the relationship between her and her son and why things went wrong," Hope reveals. "And certainly more about what happened with her and Emmet. And all I can say without giving too much away is that nothing is as it appears to be. Bruce (Greenwood) said it really well at the TCAs: 'The more the mysteries are uncovered of the Amazon, the more mysterious the characters become and you discover that they are the ones who are holding the secrets.'"

Well what do you know, we just happen to have the video of our chat with Hope and Greenwood from the TCAs. For more scary scoop about the rest of the season, check out the interview below!

The River airs tonight on ABC.

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