Chris Brown, Rihanna

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Dear Ted:
Before I throw up, please tell me Rihanna has not decided to go back to Chris Brown. The rumors are everywhere and since the music industry loves the coward, I guess there'll be no outcry from them. I thought she was smarter than that. Where is Jay-Z or someone intelligent to reason with her? I'm about to delete all of her music, which I love, off my iTunes. Talk me off a ledge here, Ted!

Dear Round 2:
Well, rumors definitely aren't going to die out that the twosome might be rekindling some sort of romance now that they're flaunting their reunion all over Twitter (and the radios, with their two new collaborations). It makes me sad because Rihanna spoke so wisely about the situation back in 2009 with Diane Sawyer. As for Jay intervening, I think Ri-Ri has made it very clear no one tells her what to do these days.

Dear Ted:
It really is tragic that Rihanna seemingly chooses to go back to Chris (who really doesn't seem to have grown up much), but many women have unfortunately done this before. I would like you to call out not only to the female public to take a stand against domestic violence but also the men. It is equally, if not more important, that men, step forward and clearly state that violence is not acceptable. On that note, Vicers like Coco Bop-It, Sock-It-To-You Sleazewad and Caesar Anchovy-Arse all deserve to get publicly called out on their bad behavior and suffer consequences thereby.
—End Rant

Dear Air It Out:
Call out? I think you just did, babe. And perfectly. As for the Vice stars, I, more than anyone, would like to slap their names up on the site next to their crimes, but that's unfortunately not a reality right now. But you can rest assured that kharma is a bitch.

Dear Ted:
I have a huge exam in school in less than a week and to get my mind to relax, I watched the movie Drive with the gorgeous Ryan Gosling! His chemistry with Carey Mulligan was amazing. I have two questions: (1) What happened between Ryan and Carey? They would make a cute couple and (2) Do you think Ryan and Rachel McAdams will ever get back together in the future? Thank you!

Dear Googoo for Gosling:
(1) Nothing, sadly. The two's red-hot chemistry may have scorched the big screen, but she was otherwise engaged in the romance department. Poor Ry and poor us, right?! (2) No. And it breaks my heart too.

Dear Ted:
I just read a headline in the N.Y. Daily News: George Clooney drinks too much and is lonely! How many times have I told you to find him a nice, normal woman? How many? Now, please find George a nice, normal woman to marry, and then, if you know any nice, normal guys in Boston, please send them to me. Please?!
—Miss P

Dear Overreacting:
It's a fantastical headline, but don't fret too much for Mr. Clooney. He's always been a fan of the booze (he did bring a flask along to last year's Oscars, after all) and as for the lonely stuff? Well, he's definitely keeping very busy with GF Stacy Keibler to make up for it.

Dear Ted:
I can't help but to feel a little sorry for Jennifer Aniston. I love her as an actress, but I wonder if she's a lonely person on the inside. Will she ever find the love of her life? She's not gonna be hot and young forever!

Dear Ha:
Doll, who said Jennifer is lonely? Especially these days. I hear it's actually quite the opposite and she is very happy (and even more serious) with her current beau.

Dear Ted:
Does Lea Michele have her eyes on someone right now, or is she just enjoying her single life? Love you, Ted!
—It Doesn't Really Matter

Dear Rumor Has It:
If you believe the tabloids, she has her claws sunk into fellow Gleek Cory Monteith…but I'm just not buying that nonexistent chemistry. Lea isn't looking to settle down into anything serious anytime soon. She has all of Hollywood at her whim, after all!

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