Whitney Houston

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Dear Ted:
Sad that Whitney Houston died. Such a talent. However, I can't help but wonder who she was in the Blind Vice arena. Will you answer in the future?

Dear Fallen Star:
Yes, I'll answer you. And, yes, of course, Whitney had a Vice from many years ago. But, it's been a long time since I've updated that particular chapter, often because it was an unhappy one with no uplifting moments. Hell, even Morgan Mayhem finds a moment or two to laugh at her drama and self. Whitney's story was increasingly one of descent, and I never saw much that could be done. I will miss her greatly, I was a huge fan. Her talent was chillingly incomparable.

Dear Ted:
Ted what is happening, They first say Breaking Dawn Part 2 will be coming out in July, Now it's November? I liked it better when it was July, now we have to wait extra months. These movies are becoming way too far apart, people are starting to lose interest.

Dear Impatient:
Lose interest? Yeah, that's like saying the male animal will lose interest in procreating every 2.5 seconds. Dream on, sugar puss! And, besides, BDP2 has had a November release for forever, a few months more won't kill ya and think of all the cuddlin' you can do with your honey while watching Bella and Edward do their (not!) final cuddlin'!

Dear Ted:
After the latest update on Nevis Divine (thank you for that update...he's my fave BV!), it left me wondering if Nevis & Percy DuBois have a specific tragedy in common?

Dear Crafty:
Nevis and Percy have a lot in common, actually, and perhaps this, as well.

Dear Ted:
Do you consider Rob Pattinson a calculating person? Is he highly concerned with his image and how he's perceived?

Dear Reasonable Question (Barely):
No. But, his people would have to answer differently, of course.

Dear Ted:
I feel very disappointed in Catherine Hardwicke How could she say anything about Twilight; she wanted to direct New Moon also! She also made lots of money doing it and for her future career, as well. Doesn't she have a clue that sometimes people fall in love with others who are not her choices. As for as Nikki Reed she 's making no one but herself look like a fool.

Dear Whuh?:
What relationships are you talking about? Robert and Kristen? Not even sure. And Catherine should have directed New Moon, might have been bearable to watch then! No comment on Nikki, I adore her and her lovely mouth too much.

Dear Ted:
Much thanks, as always, for coming through with the juiciest dirt.

Dear Sweet:
Really appreciate it, B., especially today. Very sad about Whitney Houston, who we'll be doing more on this week. I just wanted to take a break—momentary it will end up being—on the sadness that became her life. Stay tuned, and thank you again.

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