Sure, Angelina Jolie may have claimed she was "still a bad girl" during a recent 60 Minutes interview.

But how naughty can the actress really be nowadays given all the time and energy she spends on her career, kids and endless humanitarian efforts?

Well, who better to answer that question than Brad Pitt, right?

"She's still a bad girl. Delightfully so," the Moneyball star said with a smile during an appearance on CBS This Morning today.

Of course, when asked "In what way?" by the show's cohost, Charlie Rose, the actor playfully added: "It's not for public consumption."

The Oscar nominee went on to explain how being Jolie's significant other and father to the couple's six children has only made him stronger as an artist.

"Family's added everything to it. In a strange way, if I look at the work, the work has gotten better because I worry less about it. I mean, it's not as important as family," Pitt pointed out. "Family becomes the nucleus, becomes the source of joy and the source of worry. And it takes any pressure of self-absorption we can have in our business, it just evaporates. And so it makes it freer."

As for how his brood handles the constant globe-trotting that comes from his and Jolie's chosen profession?

"They're quite used to a bit of jet lag and moving to a new location, as long as we're together. So the home's always intact," Pitt said.

He also let it be known that his young ones have learned to be quite self-sufficient as well.

"They've got to pack their own bags," he explained. "They're responsible if they leave their chargers behind, and so on and so forth."

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