Sandra Bullock, The Blind Side

Warner Bros. Entertainment

The best movies can make us laugh, cry, cheer, and hold our breaths—and the best movies about football tend to have us doing all of those things in the same sitting.

Super Bowl XLVI is on Sunday, and that's thrilling, but it also means football season is over after this weekend. And then what is there to do? (Besides watch basketball and get ready for MLB spring training, that is.)

Well, that's why we've freshened up our list of the 10 best movies that are either all about the love of the game ("Rudy! Rudy!") or that boast pivotal scenes that take place on the gridiron ("Run, Forrest, run!").

Watching all of them won't take up all of your time until next season, but they'll definitely keep your heart racing and, in some cases, your eyes overflowing.

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