When blow dryers attack.

E! News got hold of an exclusive clip from tonight's episode of Jersey Shore, and it seems like Deena is once again the target of an unfortunate situation, when she gets electrocuted after trying to plug in her blow dryer.

"What the hell? I got f--king electrocuted," she says to herself, and then tells us, "My whole arm was like tingling and I'm just like, I can't believe I just electrocuted myself."

Luckily, Sammi was there to offer some wisdom when a worried Deena asked, "I got f--king electrocuted, does it mean you get like f--ked up? Like do you think my brain's all crazy?"

Sam's expert answer? "I don't think so, I think you'll be OK. Police zap criminals with their electric gun all the time and they're all right."

Then the duo gets into whether or not it's the "same electrical." Yeah, it doesn't make much sense, but you just gotta watch the clip to understand (kinda).

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