Daniel Radcliffe


Harry Potter is a party animal!

Daniel Radcliffe recently turned 21 in St. Petersberg, Russia, and he continued the celebration in London yesterday.

The actor was spotted with friends, looking like he was having a really good time.

He also raved about his time in Russia, saying: ""It was fantastic. I was in St. Petersburg for my birthday, which is probably the most beautiful, the most incredible, wonderful place I've ever been in my life."

Of course, the legal drinking age in London is 18, so he knows his way around a pint.

No word on whether any of his Harry Potter castmates helped him celebrate, but Daniel admits that he was very sad when they started shooting the last movie.

"We all three of us—me, Rupert and Emma—we just wept. And I've never seen Rupert Grint cry. That was really weird," he tells the L.A. Times.

Aw, we love it when a guy can show his softer side.


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