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We're hearing disturbing things out of Comic-Con, where Universal's scheduled afternoon panel was reportedly delayed due to a violent incident in the convention center's packed Hall H.

As thousands of fans waited for Universal's presentation of Cowboys & Aliens, an audible scuffle broke out in the crowded hall, causing confusion among audience members. A Comic-Con representative asked attendees to disperse back to their seats as the incident was handled by Con security.

No official explanation has been made, but from my seat towards the rear of the massive Hall H, uniformed officers escorted a male attendee out in plastic restraints, while medics apparently wheeled out another patron on a stretcher. Unofficial reports speculate that someone was stabbed for unknown reasons. The man escorted out had what appeared to be  blood stains on his shirt, one of the free Harry Potter Comic-Con T-shirts given out to Hall H patrons earlier today.

Stay tuned for updates as we get the official reports of what exactly went down today in Hall H. Panels scheduled for the remainder of the day, including the Cowboys & Aliens presentation and Marvel's highly anticipated Captain America-Thor panel, have resumed under a revised schedule. Story developing...


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