Vanessa Hudgens isn't the jealous least not when it comes to her man Zac Efron puckering up to other women in movies.

At the premiere of his new movie Charlie St. Cloud last night, V swore she wasn't bothered by his spit swapping scenes.

"I took myself out of it and just watched it like anyone else would," Vanessa told E! News nonchalantly.

She's more concerned with where her famous boyfriend will be sitting when she makes her debut as Mimi in Rent at the Hollywood Bowl...

"Wherever they put him! I don't wanna know where they put him. I'll be distracted!"

As for Zac, he tells E! News that having his girlfriend at the premiere helps him relax. "She's just calming my nerves and saying she's so proud," he confessed. "It really means a lot to me!"

And no matter where he sits for Vanessa's musical theater debut, there's no doubt he'll be in the house. "I wouldn't miss that for the world!" he told us.

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