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Spoiler Alert! We're about to reveal the biggest secret of the summer. Wait, not just of the summer—the biggest secret of the year! Ready? Sure you can handle the monumental dose of scoopage we're about to dish out?!

Here goes: Modern Family's fabulous Fizbo the Clown is actually...

...the infamous A from Pretty Little Liars?!

OK, we're just spitballing here, but truth be told we're pretty much obsessed with the Eric Stonestreet (Cameron) and Lucy Hale (Aria) Twitter lovefest that's been going down before our very eyes, and we just can't contain it any longer!

So here's how this whole scenario started (for those of you who haven't been following this adorable tweet sesh over the past week or so):

After last week's ep of Pretty Little Liars, Eric took to the Twitterverse to profess his love of the ABC Family hit. "I don't care what anybody thinks," the Modern Family fave wrote. "I'm addicted to Pretty Little Liars."

And much to the surprise of everyone, sweet little Lucy caught wind of his obsession and thus began the makings of a beautiful relationship.

Said Lucy: "Ahhh phenomenal! Literally obsessed with your character on Modern Family..." And if you're still thinking we're totally off by outing Eric as A, think again. These two are plotting the crossover of a century!

Eric: Oh just shut up and tell me who -A is!
Lucy: "Ok fine. I will. let me play your cousin that comes into town and we got ourself a deal!
E: Fine! I will have the contract drawn up immediately. now, in the mean time, give me ONE juicy tease.
L: Ok the secret are A.
E: Crap! Always thought I had a cruel & sinister side. This confirms it! I'm sorry for what I'm doing to u & the gals.-E I mean -A :(.

And then it happened. Lucy and Eric ran into each other over the holiday weekend—how's that for meant to be?!

"Oh. Look who I ran into and met today!" she tweeted excitedly, picture included. "We talked about how we loved each others shows haha."

And we love this whole idea of a Modern Family-Pretty Little Liars crossover event. Are you guys on board, too?!

Obviously, the admiration between Lucy and Eric is ongoing, so be sure to follow both the stars for the latest scoop on the casting we are dying to see materialize.

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