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Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are doing just fine, despite what you may have read recently.

This week, Star magazine published a report claiming that the Good Charlotte rocker had stepped out on his partner of three years while partying at a West Palm Beach club last May. They even got the club DJ to go on record with an eyewitness report of canoodling.

Here's the problem: the DJ (incidentally, the sole source of Star's outrageous claims) tells E! News that the story is not only completely fabricated—his quotes were as well.

"There was nothing shady at all about Joel's behavior here," says DJ J.R. Hutter of Feelgoods Rock Bar and Grill. "Star completely made up those quotes."

The cover story claimed that Madden and twin bro Benji hit up the hot spot's VIP area after a stop on the Bamboozle Roadshow. So far, so good. But it went on to quote Hutter as saying that Joel was "cuddling" with a blonde, invited two female workers to his tour bus and even said that Nicole "wouldn't be happy" if she knew what the rocker was allegedly up to.

Too bad none of it was true.

"Joel was actually talking about his wife and kids the whole time," Hutter says of the Maddens' party pit stop. "He even mentioned he was getting married. He was just trying to make sure everyone was having a good time and ordering the drinks. He wasn't even drinking himself. He was taking pictures with fans. There was nothing crazy or out of the ordinary."

And as for the waitress confab, Hutter said that there was a female presence during their Florida stay (they are rock stars, after all), but says that it was Joel's single bro, Benji, who did the inviting, and that the girls returned—solo—to their hotel rooms.

"A couple of the cocktail waitresses saw the show the next night and hung out with them backstage, but after they didn't go on their tour bus," he clarifies. "They even went to a barbecue before and later hung out on Drake's bus. After the set, the girls drove back to Palm Beach and haven't talked to either brother since."

You see? All good, clean fun.

As for reports that Richie and Madden have postponed their big day, well, it's sort of hard to push back a date that you've never announced in the first place.

But if the wedding doesn't happen as quickly as the lovebirds had hoped, a source tells E! News that it's likely down to Joel's hectic work schedule and not any case of cold feet.

"They have been traveling and recording their new album," the source said of Good Charlotte. "They have a lot of pressure because this is the second time around recording it and this album is make it or break it for them. So he has been stressed."

We're guessing this latest round of rumors isn't helping matters much.

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