Katy Perry, Russell Brand

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Like we told you yesterday, despite reports that Katy Perry and Russell Brand have already tied the knot, the two are currently in the stages of planning their dream wedding. (Katy's creating a dress that's gonna be to die for, trust).

Still, that doesn't exactly mean Perry and Brand aren't technically hitched at this very moment:

"Nobody really knows right now if they are legally married or not. If they are husband and wife, they haven't disclosed it to their close friends yet," a source tight with the couple tells E! "They are having a wedding though, regardless."

Well, we already knew that, but it seems friends of the power duo don't care what a piece of paper says because they all know Katy and Russell are "head over heels for each other."

Despite the fact that both K & R have referred to each other as spouses in interviews recently, our insider says friends are assuming it may just be part of their shtick.

"They both say a lot of things to the press just to shock people," emphasizes our insider. "But that doesn't necessarily mean it's true." 

One ridiculous report making the rounds right now is that the two plan to wear matching latex suits to their wedding, which our source says is clearly a joke.

Remember, yesterday we were told that Katy was pulling tons of dress designs from some top notch designers and has been very hands-on in creating her perfect wedding day look.

"Katy is not going to pass up fashion for humor on one of the biggest days of her life," adds our KP pal. "Even though Russell is a huge jokester he's taking everything quite seriously. They really are a perfect fit together."

As for their ventures post-nuptials?

Our insider 'fesses there are "no current plans" of Russell starting a new Sirius radio show in the U.S.

"It would be highly unlikely, considering how busy he is right now," is how our source close to the couple puts it.

Brand just wrapped up a world tour for the release of Get Him to the Greek and is currently doing press for Despicable Me. He has also just finished his second memoir, "My Booky Wook 2" and will begin filming "Arthur" with Helen Mirren later this year.

Russell's rep could not be reached for comment.

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