Katy Perry, Russell Brand

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Do Katy Perry and Megan Fox share more in common than curvy sexpot appeal and totally fab sound bites? Like, say, Katy getting hitched to fiancé (or is it hubby now?) Russell Brand on the fly, just like Meg did with her better half?

Last week, K.P. left the media world abuzz when she let slip on The Graham Norton Show that she and Russell had possibly already tied the knot. Then R.B. referred to Katy as his wife in an interview with OK! magazine, only to clarify afterwards that they hadn't walked down the aisle yet.

So what the ef is up! Did the duo say "I do" or not?

We're hearing no, babes, and we're totally thankful for it!

While Megan is the kind of chick that we can totally see pulling off a quickie elope—and being mucho happy with her decision—we hear Katy has much more ambitious plans for her big day.

But hell, why not keep people guessing until the day she puckers up for her big kiss?

A stylish source inside Katy's wedding plans revealed that the buxom babe wants the most top-notch wedding digs, requesting wedding dress designs from the most fashionable designers and taking inspiration for her sure-to-be glitzy bash from a fellow female rocker (though we'll remain mum on who!).

"If that girl doesn't have a big wedding, I'll be shocked," our spy gabbed when she heard rumors. "Too much creativity and too much religion to elope."

Exactly why we so don't see the pop star heading down to the courthouse to seal the deal.

Sure, her fam would totally be bummed, but Katy is also never one to miss throwing a lavish party, trust.

And, can we just say, if we don't get a magazine spread showing her banging bod in the fanciest of dresses, it'll be a crime!

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Photos: Anatomy of a Hookup: Katy & Russell Edition

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