Recognize the Reveler

Hellmuth Dominguez,

This blond bombshell used to be on a reality series and has appeared in a certain men's magazine.

And even when she steps out to fetch her mail, she makes it a special delivery by wearing a USA jacket, socks and not much else.

While she was joined by an actor dude, she also used to be linked to an older, much more famous man.

Think you know who's flashing her booty? Find out after the jump...

Karissa Shannon

Hellmuth Dominguez,

It's Karissa Shannon, one half of Hugh Hefner's former twin girlfriends.

She no longer lives in the Playboy Mansion or appears on The Girls Next Door, but she still tries to get your attention by wearing as little as possible.

And look at totally worked!

The guy in the photo is Smallville actor Sam Jones III, who's supposedly her new boyfriend.

Sound like a good match? You decide!

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