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We certainly wouldn't mind getting sex tips from Ryan Kwanten, but the Aussie hunk isn't offering any up.

If news stories are to be believed, the True Blood star is writing a guidebook for the bedroom. This sounded promising, so I spoke to him today about the sex advice rumors…

Kwanten is not penning any such thing. But the confusion started after the 33-year-old actor told Access Hollywood that he was writing a satirical self-help book called The G-Strategy.

"It's a satirical look at self-help books," Kwanten told me earlier today. "It has nothing at all to do with sex!...I don't know if my sense of humor goes over Americans' heads, but it's totally not meant to be a serious thing."

He may need to do some more explaining. After giving a pal the manuscript to read, Kwanten says his friend apparently didn't get the joke: His pal told Kwanten that it actually helped him open up emotionally and therefore improve his sex life with his wife.

As for the title of the book, Kwanten insists the G is not a reference to the female pleasure spot, nor does it have anything to do with the word "Guy."

"People are reading an enormous amount of things into it, but there is no real reason for the G," Kwanten said. "Some of these self-help books have the most bizarre yet empowering names, so my reason for calling it The G-Strategy is there is no reason."

Kwanten's agent is currently shopping the manuscript around to several publishers.

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