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Calling all newly single Bachelors!

Ali Fedotowsky went down in TV sobfest history after choosing work (gasp!) over Jake Pavelka's sweet sweet lovin' on The Bachelor. But now that she's playing host to a bevy of buff boys on The Bachelorette, and Jake and Vienna are officially dunzo (shocker!), might the girlfriendless stud return for a second chance with A?

Ali gives us the answer...

How's this for crazytown: Ali hasn't even spoken to her one-time reality romancer since the Women Tell All taping (FYI: This aired Feb. 22, so who knows when it was actually shot.)

And sorry, Jake, even if she was still in touch with you (even the single and ready to mingle, you), Ali tells us she isn't interested.

"I've made a decision to move forward in my life," Ali explains. "That just wouldn't be fair to the guys here, and it took some time, but I'm healed and moved on from Jake."

Hmph. So maybe Jake can show up just like Jillian and Ed's guest spot on Jake's season of The Bachelor? Not so fast, says Ali.

"I don't really know that anyone can give me much advice on the show," she says. "The only people who could really give me advice were the other guys. They are around each other. They know each other. I don't think an outsider could give me that perspective."

And now the million-dollar question: If one of her suitors leaves the show for work, then asks to come back, would she support his return?

"If my feelings were strong enough for him, absolutely," Ali tells us. "There's no question in my mind if I'd let him back and if anything, if my feelings were strong enough at the end of the show I'd go find him."

So take note, boys: This lady does unto others as she would have loved to have done unto herself.

Are you sad it's looking like there's no Jake and Ali reunion in the works? Do you think she'll find Mr. Right? Give us a shout in the comments.

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