After Thursday's nail-biting seventh game victory over the Boston Celtics, it's clear that the Los Angeles Lakers—and key players like Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom and Ron Artest—are the champions…of basketball.

But rap music?

Artest apparently thinks so; his first post-season endeavor is a rap jam called, "Champions." Although he's not thanking his shrink on this beat, Artest shows his love for the game, the fame and his own self-proclaimed awesomeness. Comparing himself to Mike Tyson and Barry Bonds, Artest shows he's got plenty of pride—and why not, who made that stellar 3-pointer with seconds on the clock in the deciding game?

With his rhymes right, the only thing left to wonder is what's with the video? Artest reps a San Diego hat, and his friend, the Yankees. Not exactly what fans want to see when celebrating an L.A. victory.


Laker Lovers will at least like it, we're sure.

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