You know that moment in a relationship when you suddenly realize the woman you're about to marry may in fact be a mannequin you stole from Macy's? No? Then you haven't lived hard enough.

Anyway, Bethenny's fiance Jason is going through something similar. In last night's Bethenny Getting Married?, while they were registering for wedding gifts, Jason seemed to suddenly realize the woman he was about to marry may in fact be...insane.

So, apparently Jason is the kind of person who serves his guests coffee after dinner, and Bethenny is the kind of person who laces her own coffee with Lexapro before breakfast.

Later in the episode, Bethenny took her Alan Cumming look-a-like wedding planner Shawn to the Four Seasons and scared the hell out of him.

Bethenny responded, "I know you're not the fairy godmother. You're the fairy wedding planner. Now get this done or I rip your magic wand off."

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