James McAvoy, Benjamin Walker, Professor X, Beast

Joe Kohen/WireImage; Bryan Bedder/Getty Images; Marvel

This new Class of mutants is really turning into a sexy Beast.

The latest casting info on superhero prequel X-Men: First Class has Benjamin Walker taking on the role of Hank McCoy (aka Beast), alongside James McAvoy's Professor X and Rosamund Pike's Emma Frost. Rumors are still swirling that...

Amber Heard (Pineapple Express) could grab the role of Mystique, and Michael Fassbender might portray Magneto, but who knows. But that would definitely make for a smoldering cast in Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn's take on "young X-Men."

Walker's best-known for his stage work. He's current playing Andrew Jackson in Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, at New York's Public Theatre, and was part of the 2005 cast of the Tony Award-winning musical Spring Awakening.

What do you think? Was it a good idea to cast an actor with more of a theater background? And who else would be a hot addition to the franchise prequel?

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