Miley Cyrus is dating someone named Liam Hemsworth. This Liam, if you're wondering, is an actor, and definitely not a singer. Miley wouldn't be with Liam if he was a singer. She makes that clear this morning on Live with Regis and Kelly

When the Soup blog went to his home for comment, Miley's 20-year-old boyfriend Liam said, "Do? She doesn't mean do...I mean, she's only 17...I, I wouldn't...Ya know, it's illegal so...Um...(yelling to someone else)...What? Oh, OK! I'll come right now."

SB: "Who are you talking to Liam? There's no one else here."

L: "No, my friend's calling me. I have to go help him."

SB: "What?"

L: "See ya later."

He then stood up and jumped through a rear window.

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Ah, that kooky kiddo Miley. What a jokester—just look at these faces.

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