The Bachelor and Bachelorette franchises are no stranger to cries of "fake!" But have the shows ever been caught so red-handed? Or red-footed, as it were?

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It sure looked that way on the June 7 episode of The Bachelorette when aspiring Ali Fedotowsky suitor Justin Rego entered a shot wearing a cast on his left foot, went hobbling around a corner and—voila!—emerged with the cast on his right foot.

Eagle-eyed viewers at The Soup and elsewhere noticed. Bachelorette host Chris Harrison 'fessed up to Ryan Seacrest. But what did he plead guilty to?

Creative editing.

Calling in to Seacrest's morning radio show on Wednesday, Harrison said the curious case of the moving cast was the product of his show's otherwise crack editors.

"Our editing department sometimes—and you never notice this unless a guy has a cast on his leg—sometimes they will flip a shot just to make it look prettier," Harrison told Seacrest.

So, no, according to Harrison, neither the show, nor Rego, a professional wrestler from Canada, is faking an injury. 

"The day before we got to [Rego's] hometown to shoot video, he was working on these cool wrestling moves…and that's when he broke his leg," Harrison said on the radio. "He really is hurt, and it's the same leg."

Ah, but which leg?

His left one, ABC told us today. And, yes, actually, it's a foot, not a leg. 

So now that that mystery is solved, can we all go back to wondering why anyone would think it's a good, non-scary idea to get a tattoo on your wrist to impress a woman you barely know?

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