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Nancy Pelosi's a taste-tester, Eric Ripert's a full-time judge and  Padma's post-baby bod is bangin'—what's not to love about Top Chef?!

OK, season seven of Bravo's breakout hit has much more to offer than big names when it returns tonight—but there's still one more to add for your viewing pleasure: Former Bachelor...

Andy Baldwin. Seriously, he just randomly pops up in the premiere!

And famous folks aside, this season of Top Chef is crazy good. We know, every year the show is touted as having more talent and better dishes to nosh on—but have we here at Team WWK ever lead you astray when it comes to quality reality TV? We hope not.

From the get-go, the Alpha Dogs are Kenny Gilbert and Angelo Sosa—who actually go toe-to-toe in both the Quickfire and Elimination Challenges during the first hour. How's that for some serious tone-setting goodness?

Angelo isn't messing around either, stating: "I want to be the first contestant to win every single challenge." Bah all you want, but this guy might be able to do it—although Kenny is equally skilled, and just as tasty in the kitchen.

There are a few other standouts, ladies too, but the men will dominate this season, hands down.

Cooking in the nation's capital has its added perks for contestants, including visits to the NASA space center, CIA headquarters and MLB's Nationals Park, plus guests Buzz Aldrin (most recently seen on DWTS and 30 Rock) and the aforementioned Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

And swoon(!), Mr. Eric Ripert is officially a full-time Top Chefer alongside the always amazing Tom Colicchio and the lovely Gail Simmons.

Don't miss the Top Chef premiere tonight at 9 p.m. on Bravo, then come back and fill us in on why this season is 100% delish.

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