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Excluding that pesky plea deal still hanging over his head, Charlie Sheen's legal ducks are all in a row. (Unlike his Mercedes.)

While neither the extravagantly paid actor nor his wife, Brooke Mueller, have officially filed for divorce, both have inked an agreement detailing what will happen in case they throw in the towel after two years of marriage, twin sons, mutual trips to rehab and one assault case.

Per a 41-page settlement agreement obtained by TMZ, Sheen and Mueller will get joint legal custody of sons Bob and Max, but they will live primarily with mom during the week and dad will have Saturday-Monday weekend visitation privileges.

Then there's the money.

"Under no circumstances shall the child support paid by Charlie for Bob and Max be less than the child support paid by Charlie to Denise Richards for Sam and Lola," the paperwork states, referring to Sheen's two daughters with the It's Complicated star. He quietly turned primary custody of the girls over to Richards earlier this year after a drawn-out, ugly court fight and continues to pay her $50,000 a month.

In dollars and cents, that means Mueller will get at least $55,000 in monthly child support payments, not including other expenses that arise here and there.

She also gets 50 percent of the rights to pictures of their children taken by photo agency Getty Images, plus a lump sum payment of $757,689.70. Sheen gets to keep their L.A. home, but he has to buy Mueller out for $1 million, according to the agreement.

Mueller's waving spousal support, but... come on.

The duo are also hypothetically agreeing to not air their dirty laundry once they split up, either to the media or in front of their kids.

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