Lindsay Lohan

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Lindsay Lohan is so over LA.

At least that's what she told people while attending the MuscleMilk Light fitness retreat this weekend with her sister Ali.

"She was going on about how she hates it here and how disgusting the people are," a source tells me. "She said she likes NY and London and wants out of this city."

And while Linds kept her SCRAM ankle bracelet covered while attending the event (which may be coming off soon), she wasn't afraid to show some skin...

Lindsay, in boxing gloves and an Under Armour sports bra she scored at the event, posed outside on the deck after powwowing with the photographer.

"She was very particular about photos and insisted on signing off on everything," a source tells me.

While at the retreat, Linds also picked out jewelry and got her hair styled in the Alterna salon. Before heading out, she grabbed a drink from the fridge, but it wasn't the kind that could set off her SCRAM. She chose a MuscleMilk protein water.

And just because she hit a wellness event doesn't mean she took a break from her party schedule. She briefly stopped in to a private birthday bash in the Hollywood Hills around 1:30 a.m. Saturday night.


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