Kristen Stewart gives good lip service.

Taylor Lautner had nothing but positive things to say about his costar, whom he finally smooches on screen in the third Twilight film.

"Bella is a fantastic kisser," Taylor said smiling today at the press conference for Eclipse.

So, being in a room of pesky reporters, one journo up front naturally asked if he and Robert Pattinson exchanged notes later on…

"We didn't," laughed TL. "That would have been fun."

Can't blame Bella for pouncing on Jacob for a hot sec in the film because Lautner literally is shirtless almost the entire time.

"I always think it's really funny when Taylor has to take his shirt off," Stewart said later on in the day, but don't worry, Taylor's totally used to being exploited by now.

During one scene Taylor is gratuitously leaning against his car waiting for Stewart's character, abs out in full force, when Rob delivers the "doesn't he own a shirt" one liner.

We asked Taylor if that was in the script all along or if everyone decided they at least needed to poke fun at the fact they are blatantly pimping out Lautner's hot bod throughout the movie.

"I believe it was in the book, but it definitely was in the script," laughed Taylor who got a kick out of the question. "I couldn't wait when I read that for the first time. I couldn't wait for Rob to deliver that."

"But yeah it was quite obvious," Taylor continued, regarding his blatant peep show. "[Bella and Edward] pull up in the middle of the street and even in the position I'm in, I'm leaning up against the back of the car with my hands behind me and it looks like I'm just waiting and flexing for her to come up. Those are like the awkward scenes. When everybody is fully clothed, it's raining, and I'm just waiting there, the only person just kind of posing for them."

But don't think Lautner's bod is easy to maintain! Taylor told The Daily 10 later on that putting on 10 lbs. was hard to maintain and that he had to eat two hours on-set every day and hit the gym four days a week.

Totally worth it though, right?

Check out the above clip for more dish from Taylor, about packing on muscle and beyond.


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