For Janine Lindemulder, tomorrow can't come fast enough.

"I feel a little beaten down, but I'm ready. I need a little surge of Sunny's love," Jesse James' ex-wife exclusively told E! News outside an Orange County courthouse, referring to their 6-year-old daughter, who she hasn't seen in four and a half months but will finally have a supervised visit with on Friday.

The embattled porn star spent four months in an Oregon halfway house serving time for probation violation, and was in court Thursday to address her and James' custody arrangement, which Lindemulder is hoping will be 50-50 sometime soon.

"Baby steps, it's all kind of Chinese to me," she said about the legalese of the matter, "but the whole thing is going to work out, it's going to be happily ever after, and all parties are going to be happy."

But what about James' plan to move Sunny to Austin, Texas, presumably so that they can be closer to his future third ex-wife, Sandra Bullock?

"Apparently that's the word on the street [that they're moving], I don't know," Lindemulder said, adding that she will follow Sunny "to the moon and back."

She "absolutely" approves of the child's relationship with her step-mom, she said.

"That's between Sunny and Sandra," Lindemulder explained. "They love each other and what makes Sunny happy, makes me happy. So, if that's what Sunny wants, Sunny will have that relationship. If it comes in between my relationship with my daughter, then that's when I'll have a problem."

Right now, though, Lindemulder is just happy that she's going to see Sunny tomorrow, even with a court-appointed watchdog standing by.

"[Sunny] was surprised that I was back and I think she's going to be even more surprised that she gets to see her mama tomorrow, and I am actually relieved that I have someone watching us, ya know?" she said.

"I finally have somebody to stand in our corner, to say 'Ya know, Janine is not this drugged-out psycho, shooting porn on her living room floor.'

"Because that's not the case at all, it never has been. I've always said, 'Anybody to bring in, bring in.'"

(Originally published June 10, 2010, at 4:26 p.m. PT)

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